Autoimmune Health Boise Idaho

A growing epidemic in our country is autoimmune conditions. This affects over 23 million Americans. Autoimmune conditions affect more people than cancer and heart disease, yet there are not news headlines regarding these illnesses. Our immune system is our defense system against invaders. The immune system is a meticulously orchestrated army of sorts and is constantly surveying what is friend versus foe. Autoimmunity is when your immune system gets confused and amidst the attack against foreign invaders, our own tissues get caught in the crossfire. This can result in a wide range of symptoms throughout the body.

Within the conventional medicine sphere of autoimmune treatment, patients are treated with immunosuppressive medications, to suppress the disease. However, the question of WHY one has an autoimmune condition is rarely asked. Instead of blocking and inhibiting via medications we ought to ask: if the body is out of balance, how do we help regain its balance? To say it another way, if you are standing on a tack, you do not just take pain medication; the treatment is to remove the tack. The underlying causes of autoimmunity are often multifactorial and can be due to accumulation overtime of stress, hidden infections, toxic exposures, genetic predisposition, nutrient deficits, leaky gut, food sensitivities. Becoming a detective is part of the work within functional medicine. Seeking for root causes of imbalances is at the core, and while it can require trial and error, along with patience, it is worth it for your health is the ceiling to which you can live fully.