Hormones are messengers in your body. They deliver information to your cells to instruct them how to function. They have the power to affect your mood, weight, energy, digestion, skin, hair, fertility, libido and more.

Hormones are made by different endocrine glands such as your thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and reproductive glands. Balance is the overarching goal when it comes to hormone health. As all things in the body, hormones exist on a bell shaped curve. Too high or too low can cause symptoms and health problems.

Moreover, hormone balance is like a symphony. Each hormone in the body is a musical instrument and, when in balance with each other, the outcomes are harmonious. Testing or treating hormones without appreciation of the levels of the others does not ensure balance is occurring. Furthermore, functional medicine seeks to understand why hormones may be out of tune as variables such as gut health, stress, blood sugar, diet, liver health can all impact the level as well as the bodies response to hormones.