Many patients ask for clarity on how my approach will be different when employing a Functional Medicine approach to their health in contrast to the conventional/allopathic medicine model.

Functional medicine holds the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. Moreover, its emphasis is in finding the underlying root cause(s) that are creating the symptoms and not merely masking the symptoms with medications. With the use of advanced diagnostic testing, a partnership approach of the patient and the practitioner, and incorporation of mind, body, spirit and environment- the promotion of health and wellness is attainable.

It is to be noted that functional medicine and conventional medicine are similar in many aspects. Both are practiced by licensed  medical professionals; both are evidence-based, and utilize diagnostics testing. Conventional medicine is great at addressing acute and urgent medical needs: broken bones, heart attack, physical trauma, acute infections. Conventional medicine and functional medicine differ in the philosophy used to address chronic, reoccurring conditions and symptoms.

Functional Medicine


Use a systems-oriented approach to identify the root of the imbalances in the body.


Use the latest diagnostic testing, seek to look for optimal vs. “normal” ranges, and personalize the plan for each patient in context of his/her social determinants


Sees the body as a whole integrative system and recognizes the interconnections between mind, body, spirit, and environment and their role in health as a collective.

Patient Centered

Seek to both listen and understand each patient’s individual story, to treat the person as a whole, and not merely the disease.


Respects the patient where they currently on the health journey and advocates patients to be active participants in their health


Emphasizes patient education so the patient feels empowered take health back in to their own hands.



Utilize approaches to limit use of pharmaceuticals and aim to utilize foundational aspects of nutrition, movement, lifestyle changes, and natural supplements.


Based on latest research from peer-reviewed journals uncorrupted by political interests